Real Estate


Liberty Investment Real Estate Co. L.L.C

In 1981, Liberty Investment Company (LIC)
recognized the expanding potential of property
development in the UAE which was buoyed up
by the rising population and an emergent
economy, and therefore established National
Real Estate Co.

In October 2007, LIC established Liberty
Investment Real Estate Co. L.L.C., which
bought out all the business interests of
National Real Estate Co. The focus of the
company has been to provide world-class
property management services as part of its
comprehensive real estate consultancy

A dedicated team of experienced associates
provides an in-depth market report to clients,
enabling them to make an informed decision
on their investments. Finance options are
facilitated through strategic collaborations,
ensuring all aspects of the consultancy are
covered under one roof.

Liberty Investment Real Estate Co. L.L.C.
undertakes Real Estate development, renting,
leasing and maintenance of residential
apartments, villas, and commercial & industrial

Abu Dhabi
Al Ain

P.O. Box 17, Sharjah, UAE
Tel: +971 6 5333833, Fax: +971 6 5338337
E-mail : [email protected]